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HealthWise at 5 From 8.15

  • Fingernail and Bone Strength

Bone scans are a common way to check on your bone strength. Now, scientists in Ireland are working on a way to measure bone strength based on a fingernail test. After studying osteoporosis patients, researchers noted they all had weak nails, and low levels of disulphide bonding. A high level of disulphide indicates strong bones and fingernails. Researchers at the University of Limerick are now developing a laser scanning device that would check for the presence of disulphide, and in turn determine what's happening to the bones.

  • Hot Athletes

It seems like a rite of summer, athletes sweating it out in pre season practices, but coaches need to mind the heat and humidity to protect athletes from dangerous heat-related illnesses. Humidity inhibits efficient sweating, which is the body's cooling mechanism. A rule of thumb is if air temperature and humidity add up to over 160 then longer breaks are in order,and plenty of drinking water is a must.

  • Cankermelts

Canker sores plague about a fifth of Americans, spurred on by causes ranging from heredity and stress, to some foods. A new over-the-counter treatment claims to help heal the mouth ulcers using a preparation derived from licorice root. Cankermelts are a disc-like remedy applied directly to a canker sore. The disc sticks to the sore and dissolves over a period of several hours, reducing pain and speeding healing.

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