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Carpooling Becomes Popular Trend Among Parents As Gas Prices Reach Record High

Gas prices jumped ten cents over the weekend, meaning at most places in Lubbock you'll pay $2.44 to $2.49 for a gallon of regular unleaded-- that's the highest they've ever been. Regardless, thousands filled up before dropping their kids off for the first day of school. NewsChannel 11 found the latest trend among parents is carpooling.

With hundreds of students heading back to school, the latest trend has nothing to do with clothes or shoes, it's carpooling.

Wilson Elementary parent, Steven Duke said, "Two are mine and we're taking little William home this afternoon."

Duke spends over $50 to fill up his Ford Expedition with the current record high gas prices, that's why he's now carpooling. "To save on this high priced gas," said Duke. "Gas started going up and so we figured we could save a little bit by carpooling."

"We've got my nephew in here too, just to help out to keep his parents from having to come across town," said another Wilson Elementary parent, Albert Mendoza. He spends $50 filling up his van, so he's also picked up the carpooling trend. Mendoza says, "We don't live too far away, so it's okay, but we still have to come pick them up because they still have to cross busy intersections."

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Carpooling is one option to save money on gas, but one woman says she's leaving the car behind altogether. "We're going to walk home," said a Wilson Elementary mother who lives nearby, "We're going to cycle from tomorrow on."

The current prices don't begin to compare to many prices overseas she's seen overseas. "I've been in Germany over the summer and gas prices there are roughly three to four times as much as here, so I think it's still ridiculously cheap!"

While it could be worse, many parents still have hopes of soon paying less for gas. "I drive a bread truck and it's costing me also," said Duke, "So hopefully I can look at it and it's dropping."

Experts say unexpected worldwide demand and aging refineries not being able to keep up with that demand is causing the higher gas prices. However, other analysts say fear of rising crude oil prices are fueling the market.

No word on when we'll see a break in prices.

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