Consider This: Hosting schools should put safety first

Congratulations to the Texas Tech men's basketball team for beating No. 2-ranked West Virginia this week.

Everyone in town is talking about Coach Chris Beard and Red Raider basketball.

As a long-time Raider fan I can tell you it's great to have a reason for students to want to storm the court. It's been ten years since we saw that at the Jones football stadium.

But the incident with a West Virginia player and a Texas Tech student points out the potential hazards of this kind of post-game celebration.

As the hosting school, all should be reminded the first responsibility in a home game is the safety of players, coaches and officials.

Consider this…The student section lies between the visitor's bench and the tunnel to their dressing rooms. It's a poor layout that deserves to be looked at in the off-season.

No one wants to curb student enthusiasm, it's one of the best parts of college sports. But Texas Tech officials need to look at their end of game protocols and come up with a plan that guarantees the safety of all participants all the way into the dressing room.

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