City of Hobbs warns against people impersonating city employees

City of Hobbs warns against people impersonating city employees
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The City of Hobbs recently received a report that individuals driving a red pickup truck approached local residents and identified themselves as employees of the City of Hobbs in order to receive permission to enter homes.

The report stated that these individuals explained they were at the residence to inspect a water leak, after which they then entered the residence's back gates and examined the state and condition of these gates. No proof of identification was provided to the homeowner, and no City of Hobbs work vehicles are red pickup trucks.

Interim Hobbs City Manager Manny Gomez stated, "Our number one concern for citizens is safety and security. We would never want them or their property in harm's way, which is why we intend to educate and inform the public at the highest level. You should always request proof of identification from someone before allowing them to enter your home, even if you are expecting a visit from a business or from the City of Hobbs. This could make the difference between keeping your home, family, and yourself safe. If you are ever unsure of a visit or claim, feel free to call the City of Hobbs to request more information or make a report."

If you are approached by individuals claiming to be City of Hobbs employees, request proof of identification before conducting any type of business with them. All City of Hobbs employees possess identification in order to prove their identity and intent. If the individuals do not provide such proof, do not allow them inside your property and report this immediately. You can report such incidences to the Hobbs Police Department at (575) 397-9265. For all emergencies, call 9-1-1.