Inside Out Foundation providing self-esteem boost to cancer, burn patients

Inside Out Foundation providing self-esteem boost to cancer, burn patients

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - For many, the greatest cost of cancer, or any kind of trauma, is emotional, since the treatment, or the trauma, can physically change your appearance.

That's why the Inside Out Foundation has been an answer to prayer for so many.

It provides wigs, makeup, breast forms and much more to help disease or trauma victims feel their best.

Executive Director Alexis Arnold says a new effort with UMC has allowed them to grow their services even more.

She explains, "We are able to partner with the UMC burn unit to provide support for those burn survivors. That allows us to provide our scope to expand our clientele to not just women but also men and children."

Among the services, the Inside Out Foundation provides many things from wigs and breast forms to burn survivor kits and mastectomy survivor bags.

And for those women who are too sick or just reluctant to get out and seek the help they need, the Inside Out Foundation has even made house calls.

Alexis says the whole mission behind the organization is to provide services that are educationally-based, private, and backed by tons of experience to provide a boost of self esteem to women in need.

And now, it is sponsoring its 6th annual seminar for women to help all women feel good about themselves at any age. The event is planned for Saturday, Jan. 20, at Monterey Church of Christ.

Tickets are $15 but that includes breakfast at 8:30 a.m. and the program at 9 a.m. There are three guest speakers on the agenda:

Dr. Emily Deep, a general practitioner who specializes in Functional Medicine, will look at how balancing your mind helps your health.

Kathy Curry, a physical therapist, will look at understanding pelvic health as it applies to you and your whole family.

And Lori Bilodeau, also a physical therapist, will talk about finding the best physical balance at every age.

In addition to the $15 ticket, everyone attending is asked to bring one dollar for the dollar game.

There will also be a door prize for one lucky winner.

The 6th annual Women's Health Seminar promises to be packed with information and a boost of self-esteem with some fun thrown into the mix.

Tickets can be purchased at the door, but to reserve a seat or for more information, you can call (806) 677-3582.

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