Food for Thought: 1/18/2018

Food for Thought: 1/18/2018

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock health inspectors surprised nearly 50 local food establishments this week to see if they're keeping clean. But, out of all those inspections, there were no top performers, only two low performers.

Nick's Sports Grill at 2323 Mac Davis Ln had 14 violations.

  • Taco meat did not have an expiration date, and chili was held past its date mark. Both were thrown out.
  • Several food items had an 8-day date mark on them. They must be used within 7 days.
  • Raw chicken was stored over raw beef.
  • The dish machine was not sanitizing.
  • An employee handling food did not wash their hands when changing gloves.
  • A rag was tied around a pipe at a sink to stop a leak.
  • The was sticker residue on food containers.
  • Weatherstripping on the back door was damaged, and a ceiling tile was missing.
  • Floor tiles were missing.
  • Personal food was stored with service food. An employee was not wearing a hair restraint.
  • Wet dishes were stacked together.
  • Ceiling vents and the inside of the ice machine were dirty.
  • There was no lidded trashcan in the employee restroom.
  • The inspector notes, due to the number and the nature of the violations management did not show proper food safety knowledge.

The report shows most of the violations were corrected at the time of the inspection.

Genghis Grill at 6201 Slide had 16 violations.

  • Raw beef and chicken were stored over raw fish and shrimp. Portion cups were used to scoop spices and were left in the container.
  • Sanitizer was not strong enough. A rice cooker was dirty. Labels were left on containers. The reach-in coolers were dirty.
  • Multiple areas of the kitchen were dirty.
  • The floors and walls were dirty.
  • The baby changing station in the women's restroom was dirty.
  • Employees did not wash their hands in between tasks.
  • Toxic cleaners were not stored properly.
  • A hand sink did not have soap or paper towels.
  • Waster water from a hand sink was draining onto the floor.
  • Shrimp and crab were held past their use-by date.
  • Containers and utensils were damaged.
  • Boxes of sauce were stored on the floor.
  • Boxes of cups were on the floor.
  • Bowls were not stored properly to protect the surface area.
  • Bulk containers of food were not labeled.
  • The supply room was not kept in an orderly manner.

The report shows many of the violations were corrected at the time of the inspection.

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