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$50,000 Drug Bust in Central Lubbock Neighborhood

Lubbock streets are free of $50,000 worth of drugs, after a DPS narcotics investigation. Undercover agents spent three weeks gathering evidence to get the search warrant that ended in an arrest.

At 2:30 p.m., DPS and Lubbock County Sheriff's served a search warrant at 2514 45th street. They left an hour later with a pound of cocaine, guns, and drug equipment. After dealers blend their own products with the drug, they've got a potential profit of 50,000 dollars.

Neighbor Leslie McGraw says, "I know this goes on, but two houses down?" Leslie watched as DPS walked out of her neighbors home, and onto the streets, with the drugs, guns, and a drug press. DPS says the drug press is used to maximum profits.

The undercover agents investigated the house for about three weeks, and the bust turned out to be significant. One agent said, "By the time they add ingredients, it's going to add up. They'll end up with 2-3 kilos."

Leslie is tired of hearing about drug dealers and says, "They're going to get caught one way or another." And in this case, she was right. 21-year-old Tyrone Nash was arrested and booked into Lubbock County Jail with three different felony charges. Leslie says from now on, "I guess I didn't pay attention, now I'm going to start."

DPS narcotics tell us nearly all cocaine sold is mixed with another ingredient. In this case they believe the dealer was using grout, the product used in between tile, to mix with their cocaine.

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