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HealthWise at 5 From 8.17

  • Antioxidants and Infertility

A study focusing on couples with unexplained infertility found an interesting connection a significant percentage were lagging in antioxidants related to fertility. Researchers in Boston evaluated the diets and vitamin in take of women and their partners. It turns out almost 80% of the couples were low in either vitamins C or E, both antioxidants. Even after taking supplements, 22% of couples still didn't reach recommended daily levels. Earlier studies hint that antioxidants play a role in ovulation and fertilization.

  • Acne Zapper

Patients with mild to moderate acne have few options other than over the counter products. Now, a FDA approved device may help by heating up pimples and killing the bacteria beneath the skin. Zeno is a handheld device that applies controlled, low level heat to a pimple. A two and a half minute treatment is done a few times over the course of a day. According to a company sponsored, placebo controlled study pimples treated with Zeno started disappearing within a day, compared to several days for those without. The device is available from dermatologists and no prescription is required. For more information ( click here).

  • Water Walker

It is not a biblical recreation that guy is really walking on water. The sea jogger is a person powered boating device that's propelled by your feet and you wont even get wet! take a leisurely stroll over the lake or adjust resistance straps for a more strenuous work out. For more information ( click here).

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