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HealthWise at 5 From 8.19

  • Sip Savvy

Quenching your thirst with sodas and other soft drinks may cause some ugly consequences, a report from the Academy of General Dentistry finds acids in these drinks erode tooth enamel, and cause decay near the gumline. The tooth savvy docs say using a straw to sip can help, and washing down your soda or other soft drinks with water will wash away the acids, but do not brush right away since the enamel has been softened and can be worn away further by brushing.

  • Biomove 3000

Stoke rehab patients now have an at home treatment option that can help retrain arm and leg muscles. The Biomove 3000 is an FDA approved device that help re-educated muscles to listen to remaining electromyographic or EMG signals. Those signals tell the muscles to contract or relax. Using electrode patches and a control device, EMG signals are amplified as the patient concentrates on moving arm or leg muscles. A low electrical signal helps stimulate those muscles, and re-educates them to respond to commands from the brain.

  • Like, No Way!

The way future generations will speak is largely dependent on a most unexpected group, teen girls. Language experts from the University of Toronto find teen girls pave the language evolution path by sprinkling their conversations with, new words and phrasing patterns, like totally! The researchers say women, in general, tend to be agents of change in language, leaving me to catch up to the conversation a generation later.

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