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'The Pit' Is A Popular Teen Hang Out Where Police Say Illegal Activities Take Place

The interviews with seven teens believed to be with Thomas Mallory the night he overdosed on ecstasy are complete, and now the family's attorney says it's just a matter of days before the lawsuit is filed. The district attorney's office is also wrapping up their investigation, and will present the case to the grand jury on August 30th.

NewsChannel 11 has been following this case, and found some interesting information from the seven teens interviewed about a place that all parents should know about. Its called The Pit. For obvious reasons, it is a huge hole that is easily hidden in the ground. It's that reason that teenagers and young adults are gathering to do things police call illegal activities. We spoke with one young man who use to visit the pit to give parents an inside look at where their kids could be hanging out.

"Kids will do whatever is handed to them," said a 21-year-old man that chose to remain nameless. He graduated from a local high school in 2002. He's a recovering drug addict and says he knows the pit all too well. "Back then it was alcohol a couple of kegs. When I came back ecstasy was really bad, it's now a part of partying."

The pit is located on 90th and Alcove near Wolforth. Lubbock police say they too, are familiar with the teen hot-spot. Lt. Roy Basset says, "they wouldn't be going out of sight, out of mind if what they were doing was okay in public, they are obviously looking to get out of the public eye and away from the police." But even though police know there is a problem, they rarely get called out. "We'd like to see less activity out there, but we don't get a lot of calls because it is so far out there."

Police admit 'The Pit', as it's called, is where kids go to do drugs, and drink. It's also the place Lubbock teen Thomas Mallory was allegedly taken after he took a hit of ecstasy that eventually killed him.

'The Pit' is also the subject of a web-site found by NewsChannel 11. It claims pictures posted there are Cornado High School students hanging out and smoking. And according to the Mallory family attorney, some of the kids in these pictures were allegedly with Thomas Mallory at the pit the night he overdosed on ecstasy.

The family's attorney also told NewsChannel 11 these pictures give strength to the civil suit he says will be filed by the end of the month.

Thomas Mallory: Autopsy & Toxicology Report
The Lubbock Medical Examiner released Autopsy and Toxicology reports late Tuesday afternoon in the death investigation of 16-year-old Coronado student, Thomas Mallory. Click here to view the complete report.

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