Lubbock-Cooper ISD considering 9-week grading period

Lubbock-Cooper ISD considering 9-week grading period

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock-Cooper ISD is seeking feedback from district parents as they consider a possible nine-week grading period.

LCISD currently uses a six-week grading period, but the district sent out an email to all parents to introduce the idea of a longer one.

"We are just simply seeking feedback from teachers, staff, and our parents of the students that we serve," Deputy Superintendent Dr. Macy Satterwhite.

The six-week grading period sets up five, six, or even seven-week periods per year.

"The six-week grading period is a little bit of a misnomer because with our current calendar," Dr. Satterwhite said, "we have some five-week grading periods and we have some seven-week grading periods."

Whether its a five or seven-week grading period, it's all weighted equally. LCISD is trying to give students more time with the longer grading period.

"To re-do work that maybe you messed up on that you need another chance on," Dr. Satterwhite said, "to weigh those evenly, it doesn't seem right or fair to
students so it's really just trying to make the playing field more even."

This idea could also make it easier for teachers.

"Teachers feel like they have more time to teach concepts," she said, "to do long-term projects in class instead of having to shut off those grades and hurry to get those grades in."

Feedback is still being collected, but parents seem to be responding positively.

"Before we make any move," Dr. Satterwhite said, "we are going to make sure it's the best thing for the students that we serve."

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