West Texas mayors meet in Midland

West Texas mayors meet in Midland
Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope (Source: L. Scott Mann, KCBD)

MIDLAND, TX (KCBD) - The mayors of seven West Texas cities met face-to-face in Midland on Wednesday to talk about issues that lay ahead for the cities they represent.

Their stated goal is to find common ground over the issues that are most important to the region and take those issues to the governor for support.

Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope says there is a difference between the way West Texas government operates compared to bigger cities in the state.

"This is a group of common sense, conservative leaders. That's what we generally have in Austin in the legislature, but if you look at our big cities they make decisions that don't make a lot of sense to us. So for us, it's good to get together and bounce ideas off your peer in Abilene because if it makes sense in Abilene is probably going to make sense in Lubbock or Odessa."

The mayors hold meetings like these every quarter in a different location.

The next meeting will take place in April.

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