Local fan welcomes super baby during Super Bowl

Local fan welcomes super baby during Super Bowl
Super Bowl baby Gianni
Source: NBC Video
Source: NBC Video

LUBBOCK COUNTY, TX (KCBD) - Local Eagles fan Chelsiee Guzman watched the Super Bowl from start to finish, but she watched all four quarters while in labor.

Guzman had plans for her Super Bowl weekend just like any other football fan.

"We were just going to eat and watch the game," Guzman said, "but I woke up at eight with contractions, came to the hospital, and got admitted at around two."

Guzman was in a lot of pain, but she still made sure to tune in to watch the Eagles play.

"I was in labor the whole game and pretty much watched the game every time they turned me," Guzman said. "They moved my bed so I can watch the game."

Her baby, Gianni, was born at Covenant Women's and Children's Hospital after the game was over.

"He came right after the game was over, so I couldn't really watch the whole fourth quarter because I was in pain," Guzman said, "but once he was out, it was an amazing feeling."

Baby Gianni was not the first family member to be born on a Super Bowl Sunday, his father was born on the Super Bowl Sunday of 1994 where the Cowboys took the win.

"Feels like I won the super bowl. Wrong team, but it's still going to be my child. It's just amazing, the best feeling in the world," father of baby Gianni Manuel Ortiz said. "Words can't explain the way I feel."

Manuel is a Cowboys fan, but he's still happy his son was born on Super Bowl Sunday where the Eagles won. As for Chelsi, she now has two reasons to celebrate.

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