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Increasing Playground Safety

CPSC officials say more than 200,000 kids each year are taken to emergency rooms because of injuries they sustained on a playground.

Among those, falls are the biggest problem, and coincidentally, that is the easiest one to help control, with a softer than normal ground. That's why the Consumer Product Safety Commission provides guidelines, that most schools follow to at least cushion the injuries when kids fall. Now, the CPSC says it's up to parents and school officials to do a safety check and make sure area school and city playgrounds are following those guidelines.

"There is a rubber material that can be put down - that's pretty expensive, frankly, but wood chips also work. There's about nine inches of wood chips so when a child falls on this, it will cushion the fall and that will relieve a lot of the injuries," says Hal Stratton Chairman of the CPSC.

Other reminders from the CPSC, make sure your kids are wearing a bicycle helmet when they are peddling or on a regular or motorized scooter. They also suggest parents read the labels when buying art supply kits for kids because some carry hazardous material warnings so what you buy needs to be age appropriate for kids.

For a complete list of CPSC guidelines on playground safety please visit their website at

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