David Carrillo found guilty of 2015 double murder, sentenced to life without parole

David Carrillo found guilty of 2015 double murder, sentenced to life without parole
David Ricardo Carrillo (Source: Lubbock County Sheriff's Office
Jennifer Cruz and Albert Martinez (Source: Family members)
Jennifer Cruz and Albert Martinez (Source: Family members)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - David Carrillo was found guilty of two counts of murder and sentenced to life without parole on Thursday.

Carrillo was accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, 27-year-old Jennifer Cruz and her new boyfriend, 30-year-old Albert Martinez, in April of 2015.

Police say Carrillo broke into the couple's home and shot them.

Cruz called 9-1-1 and could be heard pleading for David to put down the gun before shots were fired.

Here are the victim impact statements:

Our daughter Jennifer was born on Sept. 4, 1987. Jennifer was an amazing mother of 2 kids. Jennifer was a hard working mother, she was all about her kids. The kids were her life. She graduated a year early. Jennifer was a loving, caring mother.

David took a loving caring mother away from Jalysa and Urijah when they needed her the most. David's actions on April 18th has affected the kids in countless ways and even in ways we haven't even faced yet. David's actions have resulted in the trauma for the children. The children don't have a mother. Jennifer can't be there for them to see how will they be doing. Jalysa is a cheerleader. She plays basketball. Urijah is improving a lot in school. Jalysa and Urijah miss their mother a lot. Jennifer used to make them laugh. Jennifer will not be here for special events in their life, like when they graduate, when they get married, when they start having kids. Jennifer will not be a grandmother. David's actions also affected me and my husband and sister and brothers and my whole family and her friends. David murdered Jennifer in cold blood when she was pleading for life.

Minutes apart but they are still in heaven together. David didn't realize there are no winners in this. We will never get Jennifer back. The Martinez's will never get Bo back, and David lost a lot too. You are going to prison for life for your actions. I hope that every day for the rest of your life you will be haunted by all when Jennifer was begging for life.

Mother of Jennifer, Emedelia Cruz.


Jennifer was a loving, caring mother that took care of her kids. The kids miss her dearly. They will always need her. Jen has missed a lot since she got killed. The kids have not been happy like they used to be. He took a wonderful mother from their life. Jen can't see Jalysa become a freshman. Urijah became a 4th grader and Jen missed the kids getting awards for good grades and good attendance. Jalysa doesn't have her mother to talk about her problems. David took my one and only sister. I don't have a sister to talk to. Jen helped me plan a party for our parents. Jen kept our family together. David took a sister away from her brother. Jen kept her brother straight. Jen was a sweet, loving person that gave everyone her love and always had a smile on her face even though she had problems. Jennifer was always making sure everyone laughed. David took a daughter away from her parents, Jen was the baby of the family. Jen gave her niece a blessing, her daughter Jenesis. David is a coward, conniving, manipulating liar. He never loved Jennifer. If he did love Jen, he would've never killed her. Jen begged "Think about the kids, don't kill me" and he still did it. He didn't even care about the kids because if he did, he would've never killed their mother. He took Albert away from his kids. He might have knocked both families down, but we got right back up. We haven't been the same since this happened. David never wanted Jen and Bo together. Jen was happy with Bo. He couldn't handle seeing Jennifer happy.They will always be together in heaven. God has his arm wrapped around them because they didn't deserve to die. God will prevail David punishment. We are in fear that if David gets out he will hurt his daughter Jalysa because she is looking more and more like Jennifer every day. 

Poem: We wish we could see you one more time come walking through the door... But we know that is impossible, we will hear your voice no more. e know you can feel our tears, and you don't want us to cry, yet our heart is broken because we can't understand why someone had to leave before my time. Me and Bo were killed on April 18. I feared for me and my kids. I looked down to Bo he grabbed my hand and said yes I see the light. We have to go. Gold held us tight as he lifted us to his kingdom. No time for goodbyes. No time for hugs and kisses. No time to let our kids, our families know we love them and we are near. always remember our smiles. The crazy things we did to make you laugh. When you shed a tear and you feel someone behind you, it is just embracing you with our wings. When you hear a whisper, it is us letting you know we are near. When you look at the sky and see a shining star it is us dancing in the sky.

By Enedelia Cruz.


April 18th, 2015 was the worst day of my life. This was the day my youngest brother was taken from our family. The loss of my brother has had a huge impact on my life and the lives of my whole family. My brother Bo was taken from us, with no fault of his own.
Since that day,  I feel like I have been robbed of life with my brother. We will never get to spend time together, laugh together, cry together, talk about old memories and the new memories we would have made.

One thing about my brother is that he loved his family deeply and his kids meant the world to him. He also had many, many friends that loved him as well. We will forever miss him and his special smile and laugh that no one could ever forget. David Carrillo, you took that away from us.It's so sad that a person can be so evil and take two innocent lives away. How could you be so selfish and not realize how many people you would hurt? Including your own kids. So you David Carrillo will always be a coward in my book. 

You took Bo away from his parents, 7 brothers and sisters and his four beautiful kids. And now you will have to pay for it for the rest of your life!

Sabrina Corado, Bo's sister

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