Understanding stocks and how to invest

Understanding stocks and how to invest

(KCBD) - Understanding the stock market can seem confusing and nerve-racking, especially during times when there are drastic up and down fluctuations.

Eric McDonald, the founder of McDonald Capital Management, says that doesn't need to be the case. Adding that, during times where investors are seeing a sharp up, they can expect a sharp decline as well.

"The recent downside volatility that we've had really just took away the upside volatility that we've had really since Christmas," he says, "So... the only people who have lost any money, are people who have put in money here at the very end."

That is because, eventually, the market needs to stabilize, meaning it can't always stay on the rise.

But for those who have never invested before, McDonald says it's really not that hard.

He says future stock market investors first need to decide how much they want to invest because this will help them decide which stock to invest in, and which paths to take.

Next, he recommends doing your research and using websites like morningstar.com.

Then investors need to look at all investment options which include brokers, investment advisers, or apps like Robbin Hood.

And the final step is to start investing, and always stay updated with your stocks,

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