Self defense tips from Cardinal Fitness

Self defense tips from Cardinal Fitness

(KCBD) - In 2016, over 120,000 people were victims of a violent crime, so it's smart to know how to protect yourself, before the police arrive.

J Hollinshed, a self defense instructor at Cardinal Fitness, says it's all about aiming for the soft spots: the eyes, neck, knees, stomach, and, for men, the groin.

He says that staying safe has to do a lot with what you do before an attack happens.

These are his tips for walking out to your car at night:

  • Hold one key in your knuckle while you walk
  • Make eye contact with a possible attacker
  • Have good posture and try not to look tired
  • Don't unlock your car until you get there/don't draw attention to where you're going
  • Walk from the back of your car forward so you can check the back seat before you get in.

Hollinshed recommends that all people, both men and women, take a self defense course so they can keep themselves safe.

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