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Take the August Driving Quiz

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There isn't much room to maneuver. That's why parking lots can be a dangerous place for drivers and pedestrians. What is the smartest way to be a safe driver in large parking lots?

A. Use your turn Signals
B. Obey Stop Signs
C. Drive the right way down one-way aisles
D. All of the above

The answer is D. All of the above. DPS Trooper Robyn Wilson says, "The best way to protect yourself when driving in a parking lot is to be aware of all cars and pedestrians moving in front, back and alongside your vehicle. You also need to watch for cars and trucks that might cut diagonally across the lot and above all-drive slowly."

We know seat-belts help prevent injuries during a crash but what about the head restraint? Where should you set the head restraint in your vehicle to reduce the risk of whiplash or other injury?

A. Centered behind your neck.
B. Centered behind your head.

The answer is B. Centered behind your head. DPS Trooper Sparky Dean says, "The top of the head restraint should be as high as the top of your head. It should be centered behind your head, not behind your neck. Make sure you're seated so the head restraint is no more than two and a half inches from the back of your head."

Almost a million and half children in Texas ride school buses every day. But some drivers ignore the law that requires you to stop when a school bus is loading or unloading. What is the penalty if you seriously injure someone while illegally passing a school bus?

A. Up to $2,000
B. Up to $4,000

The answer is B. Up to $4,000

Trooper Robyn Wilson says, "Whether you're meeting the bus or following the bus, you must always stop when the red lights are flashing. They indicate children are getting on or off the bus. Stay a safe distance behind school buses so you're ready for any unexpected stops the buses may make."

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