Parent: Teacher gives racy graphic novel to elementary student as reading material

Parent: Teacher gives racy graphic novel to elementary student as reading material
Parent upset a graphic novel was given to her 11-year-old as reading material (Source: Cassidy Dixon)

MEADOW, TX (KCBD) - A parent of a Meadow ISD student is not happy with the comic book that was provided to her daughter by her teacher as reading material. The comic book in question is Conan: Shadows Over Kush. That particular comic book is rated for people ages 16 and older. Cassidy Dixon's daughter is 11 years old and in the 5th grade at Meadow ISD.

Cassidy says when her daughter Julianna opened the book at home, she immediately noticed it was not appropriate and handed the book to her mother

The comic book, or graphic novel, is graphic in nature and some of the photos may not be suitable for some readers.

Cassidy says the comic book contains sex, rape and torture with graphic photos to go along with it. She went to school officials to discuss the comic book.

In a Facebook post, Cassidy said, "I decided to go this morning to the school and discuss this with the principal who pretty much blew me off. He simply said, 'ok I will look at it,' then he proceeded to ask me if that was it?

She said she was very upset and walked out of the office, but then called the Superintendent of Meadow ISD, but gave her no immediate answer.

According to Dark Horse Comics, who publishes the comic book, "Conan drinks himself into a stupor while in the city of Shumballa—until an act of thievery propels him into a witch hunt full of adventure, demons, and rebellion! Fred Van Lente writes the world's most famous barbarian in this collection of issues #1–#6 of Dark Horse Comics' Conan the Avenger."

KCBD reached out to the Meadow ISD Superintendent, who said they are addressing the situation but would not disclose to us the response to the parent. They did say they were sending a written statement to the mother of the student.

Cassidy says the school officials called her and said they put the statement in the mail. They have scheduled a meeting with her for Thursday.

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