Coach Beard speaks out against fans who yelled profanity at Trae Young

Coach Beard speaks out against fans who yelled profanity at Trae Young
Chris Beard (Source: Devin Ward KCBD)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Red Raider Coach Chris Beard closed out his Thursday news conference commenting on the small group of fans who yelled profanity at Oklahoma and Trae Young Tuesday night.

"99.999 percent of our fans have really helped us build the program quickly. In the last game, a small, small percentage just do things in a way we just don't stand for. Respect is everything. We respect our opponent."

Beard added when his team goes on the road, they want to be respected. Passionate fans get on them, but don't cross the line and he wants to make sure what happened Tuesday night doesn't happen again at the USA.

"It's something we're not going to stand for."

Beard then shifted his focus to the other 99 percent of Red Raider fans.

"The message is thank you for all of the people that continue to do it right. Thank you to our students for coming to the games. "

Coach Beard reached out to Oklahoma to apologize for the profanity-laced comments. He also pointed out the father of Trae Young is former Red Raider Rayford Young.

"Rayford Young was one of the best players to ever play at this school. He's a friend of mine. His son Trae is a special player who took an official visit here and at the end made a decision to go to Oklahoma to play in front of his family and friends for a hall of fame coach. I respect that decision."

With a big home game coming up next Saturday against Kansas, Coach beard encourages everyone to be passionate, but respectful of the game and the opponents.

"We don want to acknowledge what happened is something we are not going to stand for. Thank you to all of our fans that come and support our team. Thank you for helping us get a home court advantage as we build a program and we will just learn from our mistakes just like all human beings do."

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