Food for Thought: 2/15

Food for Thought: 2/15

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock health inspectors surprised nearly four-dozen Hub City eateries this week, checking out the cleanliness of their kitchens.

Walk-Ons at 2603 W. Loop 289 had 13 violations.

  • Raw chicken above the safe cold temperature of 41 degrees was thrown out.
  • Cold hold units were not keeping food cold enough.
  • Multiple reach-in coolers did not have thermometers.
  • Chopped onions were held past their use-by date.
  • An employee's medication was stored above a prep table. A chemical spray was not labeled.
  • Multiple plastic food containers were damaged.
  • Multiple plastic food containers were stacked while still wet.
  • Ceiling tiles were missing and the rear door was missing a door sweep.
  • The kitchen floor was damaged, and the floor of the walk-in cooler was dirty.
  • An employee's drink was stored with service items.
  • Multiple sanitizer buckets were on the floor.
  • Storage racks in the storage area were dirty.

The inspector notes, due to the number and the nature of the violations management did not show proper food safety knowledge. The report shows most of the violations were corrected at the time of the inspection.

Now to the good news. Our only top performer this week:

Chick-fil-A inside Covenant Medical Center at 3515 19th

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