Lubbock schools prepare for the worst with prevention programs, active shooter training

Lubbock schools prepare for the worst with prevention programs, active shooter training

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock school districts have run drills and put programs in place to try and prepare for the worst, like Wednesday's deadly shooting in Florida.

Lubbock Independent School District and Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District say they train their staff to be ready for any situation.

"We have practiced for the day that we hope never comes," Communications Director of LISD said.

Sharp says Lubbock ISD Police train teachers and staff to be ready for any situation that might come their way.

"Our district did a full scale active shooting training," Sharp said, "where we had a mock scenario with mock injured people and a person who was the active shooter going in, and we did a full scale practice of this is what we would do in this situation."

Lubbock-Cooper says the safety of students is their students is the number one priority. The district also offers students their "open door policy" where students can notify a faculty member any situation that they feel to be concerning or uncomfortable.

They urge students to report any suspicious activity to a trusted adult.

Lubbock ISD also reminds students to to also be on the look out for any suspicious activity.

"Students are often going to be in the same social media circles as friends," Sharp said, "they are going to see things many times before its apparent to the campus so certainly if they see something, the best thing they can do is share that information is tell a trusted adult."

Lubbock ISD and Lubbock-Cooper ISD both offer anonymous tip lines to students with concerns.

"It's a number they can text or call to provide information," Sharp said, "and then that's distributed to counselors and administrators on campus."

LISD and LCISD want to make sure school is always a safe place for their students.

"School is the safest place for kids to be because they're around highly educated, very competent adults," LISD Police Chief Jody Scifres said, "they are highly trained and have the ability to help the kids with any situation they might be going through."

In case of emergency, Lubbock ISD will contact parents through their notification system.

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