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HealthWise at 5 From 8.22

  • Organic Arsenic

Inorganic Arsenic, such as Arsenic Trioxide, has been used the last few years to treat Leukemia. Now, an organic form of Arsenic, which is less toxic, is being studied for cancer patients. Doctors at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas have started a clinical study with Zio-101 for blood based cancers, like leukemia, as well as for cancers in solid tumor form. Investigators say this organic arsenic can be given at doses fourteen times greater than other Arsenic treatments, without causing damage to healthy cells.

  • Rabbit Run

From first steps to fast paces, humans are programmed to start walking from the get-go, but this natural gait hasn't been easy to replace in robots, until now. Scientists from the University of Michigan, as well as France, have created the rabbit, the first known two-legged walking machine that can walk and regain balance like a human. Researchers say the walking dynamics learned from rabbit should translate into smarter prosthetics to help disabled people walk again.

  • Underdiagnosing Overweight

Connecting the dots on some kids' growth charts points to a weight problem, but a study finds few doctors actually give the weighty diagnosis. The University of Rochester Medical Center reviewed several years' of pediatric data, among those cases, doctors diagnosed obesity less than 1% of kids who are obese. The researchers say some doctors may not make the diagnosis due to lack of time for counseling that should follow.

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