How to prep your lawn for spring

How to prep your lawn for spring

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - As winter comes to an end, homeowners are preparing their lawns for spring.

The owner of Ashton Walden Turf Service says lawn preparations should start as soon as possible and the first step is applying pre-emergent to your lawn.

"Getting a good pre-emergent down is really key so your lawn doesn't get covered up in crab grass," Walden said.

It's important to mow and water your lawn every week on a consistent schedule. Walden says the best lawns are taken care of on a consistent schedule, but it is very important not to overdo it.

"Water an inch and a half a week," Walden said, "try to do that on a deep cycle and don't water any more than two days a week."

The dry weather has created the possibility of a water restriction that could possibly affect your lawn. And of course, this is not the first time Lubbock has been put on one.

"At first when it came out everyone thought it was a death sentence," Walden said, "they thought our lawns are going to die, but when Lubbock went to once a week water, it was like the best thing ever because it made us be proactive and educate our customers on how to water properly."

For now, it is important to prep your lawns for the warm weather to come.

"Get your pre-emergent out, get it watered in, and after that you need to start watering your inch and a half a week and maybe do a fertilizer to get it to break dormancy," Walden said, "there's always something that needs to be done if you want a nice lawn."

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