Districts investigate rumors, but say no viable threats at Littlefield, O'Donnell ISD

Districts investigate rumors, but say no viable threats at Littlefield, O'Donnell ISD
Source: KCBD Video
Source: KCBD Video
Source: KCBD Video

LITTLEFIELD, TX (KCBD) - Littlefield and O'Donnell ISD have both seen threatening posts on social media in the aftermath of the Florida shooting, and both schools took it seriously.

Officials confirm no viable threat on either campus, but there was a heightened police presence around Littlefield schools on Tuesday.

"I told them we wanted heightened appearance of police force at our schools in the district," Superintendent of Littlefield ISD Robert Dillard said.

The threatening posts were reported to school officials by students. Dillard says students should always report something they think is suspicious or that makes them uncomfortable.

"Any time you hear anything that makes you uncomfortable, tell us," Dillard said, "there is no penalty, so always tell us."

Lubbock District Attorney Matt Powell says all threats should be taken seriously.

"Given today's world, I think you certainly need to take it seriously when something like that happens," Powell said, "be prepared for these types of events."

This is not the first school threat to be made against a district, but Powell says these types of threats should not worry people.

"I would never want to say never going to happen," Powell said, "but I think there are less circumstances here then in other places."

For now, Robert Dillard has only one concern, to always keep his students safe.

"Things are a little tighter at our schools today and all the entrances are being watched very closely," Dillard said, "so we've asked parents please stick with us and bare with us, we are doing it for you and your children."

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