Lubbock woman sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexual assault of a child

Lubbock woman sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexual assault of a child
Shara Lynn Parhams (Source: Lubbock County Detention Center)
Carl Parhams Jr. (Source: Lubbock Co. Detention Center)
Carl Parhams Jr. (Source: Lubbock Co. Detention Center)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A Lubbock woman has pleaded guilty and has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for the sexual assault of an underage family member. The woman's husband has still not been to trial for his charges associated with the crime.

CAUTION: This article contains graphic information that may not be suitable for some readers.

Carl Parhams Jr., 49, and Shara Lynn Parhams, 41, are in the Lubbock County Detention Center.

The victim told police in August of 2015 she went to the Parhams' apartment where they started drinking alcohol.

The victim said Carl tried to remove her shorts and that is when she started to feel uncomfortable. Shara reportedly told her it would be okay and not to think about it.

The girl told police the couple began to touch her inappropriately.

The next morning, the girl said she was sick from drinking too much alcohol and was unable to go to church with her family.

She said Shara told her she was glad she woke up because she was afraid she had alcohol poisoning. The girl said Shara told her she did not take her to the hospital because she did not want anyone to find out.

When Shara drove her home, she told the girl's family she was sick from food poisoning.

The girl told police she tried to ignore what happened, just pretending nothing occurred.

Later that same month, the victim told police she went to stay with the Parhams again, under the assumption that Carl would not be there.

However, she said Carl was there.

The police reports state Carl began touching her and Shara persuaded her to let it happen.

She said as the sexual assault escalated, she was shocked at what was happening and tried to block it out of her mind.

She told police she did not have a phone or any way to contact someone.

The girl told police the next morning she woke up to Carl sexually assaulting her again.

She said Shara persuaded her to allow Carl to have sex with her, saying it was okay and there was nothing wrong with it.

The alleged victim reportedly became very distraught and told police she does not remember many details after that.

After hearing a sermon at church in March of this year, she said she felt compelled to tell other family members what happened.

The girl said another family member said she, too, had been sexually assaulted by the couple.

The girls went to the Lubbock Police Department to make a report. While there, an officer gave them a voice recorder in hopes of recording the couple admitting to the act.

According to court documents, the officer waited near the apartment while the girl recorded a conversation where Shara admitted to allowing Carl to have sex with both of the girls.

The officer said the girls then went to the police department with him and gave him the six recordings, including the one where Shara apologized for allowing Carl to sexually assault them.

However, according to other recorded conversations, Shara and Carl denied the sexual assaults. In one recording Carl said he would hurt anyone who tried to touch one of the girls. Then, in another recording, Carl admitted to "messing around" with one of the girls but stopping before it escalated to sex.

The second victim told police Shara used to work at a prison and that is where she met Carl. Both girls said they remembered Shara taking them to visit Carl while he was in prison. One of the victims told police that Carl was physically and verbally abusive to Shara, rupturing her eardrums once during a fight.

Shara reportedly told one of the girls she would never find anyone else if he left. The second victim told police she too had been sexually assaulted twice, but Shara had never touched her.

When this victim talked to Shara about what happened, she reportedly said, "You know you wanted more experience."

Shara reportedly went on to say that she knew Carl was going to cheat on her, so she needed him to get it out of his system, and she knew she could trust the girls because they were family members and did not have feelings for him.

This victim told police she remembers locking herself in a room to get away from Carl who was trying to have sex with her.

On March 15, an officer reported that Carl flagged him down while he was on patrol. The officer said Carl wanted advice because a family member was accusing him of sexual assault. Carl told the officer it was a crazy allegation because he was working the night she alleges the sexual assault occurred.

He said he is on parole and would never do such a thing to a family member.

Carl said one the girls may have put the other one up to the allegations because Carl had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend.

Carl has a pretrial conference hearing on March 2, 2018. A trial date has not been set for him.

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