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Clovis To Learn Cannon's Fate In Coming Weeks

The future of Cannon Air Force Base should be decided within the next two weeks.

The Base Realignment and Closure Commission or BRAC begins voting on the proposed closure of 62-military bases across the country. Lubbock's Naval Reserve Base and Cannon Air Force Base are on that list. Lubbock's closure would mean nine full time Navy employees and more than 130 Reservists would be transferred.

Those effects would be much bigger in Clovis, New Mexico which stands to lose $200 million a year. 2,000 civilians would lose their jobs, and 2,700 people would need to be transferred. Clovis started a campaign called "Operation Save Cannon," and now they're just waiting to hear if the commission is listening.

"It's a situation now where we've done virtually all we can do,everything we can think of, the creativity we have, and the energy we have and the belief we have in Cannon has been manifested in a community effort," said Clovis Mayor David Lansford.

The BRAC hearings will be carried on C-SPAN 2 Wednesday through Saturday. The commission must submit their recommendations to President Bush by September 8th. Bush has until November 7th to submit the list to congress.

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