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Meth Can Be Used As A Useful Prescription Drug

Meth has become a four letter word, and that's not fair to people whose doctors say they need it.

A viewer brought this to our attention, after seeing the phrase "illegal methamphetamine" on our web site. So tonight, this clarification. Methamphetamine is not an illegal drug. It is a controlled substance that requires a prescription, and it is widely available in drug stores under the brand name Desoxyn.

"It is a wonderful drug it is used for sleeping sickness narcolepsy, some forms of depression, it is used for ADD, attention deficient disorder very effective for some people, and it is even used for extreme obesity, so yes, it is a fine drug when used properly," says Kae Hentges a health education specialist.

The meth busts you see on TV reveal that it can be used illegally. The pharmacist at Caprock Drugs told us that Desoxyn is such a common prescription that they're out right now.

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