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Wolfforth Family Sues Lubbock Gynecologist for Malpractice

Covenant Medical Center has already settled with the Bramlett family for an undisclosed amount of money. Vikki Bramlett died November 1st, 2002. Not from a car accident or from cancer, but after a routine operation.

Dr. Benny Phillips was Vikki's doctor. He performed a routine hysterectomy on her on October 29th, 2002. According to a court record. Mrs. Bramlett experienced minor complications. But it was the chain of events after the operation that may have lead to her death.

Dr. David Hemsell of Dallas examined the case for the plaintiff and wrote this letter. He states that Dr. Phillips finished operating on Vikki at 10:58 in the morning.

Dr. Phillips was notified at 5:28 the same day that Vikki was having difficulties after her operation. He requested tests and was notified one hour later his patient wasn't responding to the treatment. In the letter, that Dallas doctor testified that instead evaluating the patient, he (Dr. Phillips) "elected to go home, change clothes, go to a local gym to meet a colleague and trainer, with plans of going home to take a shower and have dinner after his training session before going to see Mrs. Bramlett."

Dr. Hemsell went on to say "that was not a reasonable decision with the information that he had, and was one that resulted in her death."

A death, as the letter says, was caused by shock from losing so much blood.

Attorneys on both sides could not comment about the case. Opening arguments beginning Wednesday morning in Judge Sam Medina's court at the Lubbock County Courthouse.

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