DPS training on active shooter situations

DPS training on active shooter situations
(Source: Jenna Siffringer, KCBD)

LUBBOCK COUNTY, TX (KCBD) - The Department of Public Safety is training more than 100 law enforcement personnel on how to respond to active shooter situations, so they can take that information to their communities.

Lieutenant Bryan Witt says they hope to use this training to inform businesses and organizations on what to do if they find themselves in these situations. The course is being taught at the Region 17 Education Center in Lubbock.

Witt says the three main points they teach are to avoid or run away, to deny or barricade yourself, and to fight back.

"The first three minutes of an active shooter situation are the most critical, and what we're going to teach civilians to do is that you can survive that first three minutes, because that's the average response time for law enforcement to show up in active shooter situations," says Witt.

He also adds the most important thing is for organizations to do is to have a plan and make sure to practice it so you are always ready.

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