Recycling in Lubbock benefits more than just environment

Recycling in Lubbock benefits more than just environment

(KCBD) - At the Lubbock Landfill, nearly 23 pounds of trash are dumped every second, and, according to 123 Recycling, 80% of that trash is recyclable.

That recycling collected is then taken to the Texas Tech Recycling Center to be sorted, compacted and sold.

Melanie Tatum, the Director of Sustainability for University Student Housing, says they have been extremely busy ever since the city stopped collecting glass, and now they've nearly doubled their staff and production.

"But it's a lot of labor going through all of these bags," Tatum says. "We don't have the modern things or the conveyer belt and all that. We have to hand sort every bottle, and every piece of plastic. So I don't think people realize that."

She adds that they are always looking for volunteers to help, and their work counts as community service.

But dropping off your recyclables doesn't just help the community and environment, but Texas tech students as well.

"We sell all the recycling and our money goes back into scholarships for our students. So we'll be giving away $45,000 in scholarships this year, and all our money has come from selling our recycling," Tatum adds.

If you can't take your recycling to Texas Tech though, there are multiple other drop off locations including:

- 1631 84th Street

- 7308 Milwaukee

- 208 Municipal Drive

- 4307 Adrian Street

But before you drop off your recyclables, make sure all paper is dry and unsoiled, aluminum rinsed, crushed, and lids removed. That also goes for all plastic bottles as well.

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