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The Roll-N-Grow Finale: Does It Work?

The Roll-N-Grow takes the hassle out of gardening. Why? Because all you have to do is roll out the carpet, water it and watch it grow!

Two months ago, I cut the carpet to fit a pot and was anxiously anticipating my beautiful garden.

But to my disappointment, there were no red, orange, yellow, or blue flowers. Just white and purple. The flowers did not give off the aroma like the box said it would either.

It took nearly two months before I saw any blooms.

A viewer sent me pictures of her flowers when she heard I was testing the Roll-N-Grow. She planted her carpet in a garden and liked them fine. But you can see from the photos, they are pretty, but all her flowers are all white.

The Roll-N-Grow simply did not work because the makers claimed I would have a colorful garden.

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