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Voters Flock to the Polls in Wolfforth

Alcohol is currently not sold in Wolfforth, but an election that started Wednesday could change that. Some citizens petitioned for the election which would legalize alcohol sales at restaurants and now it's up to the citizens of Wolfforth to decide if alcohol sales will be allowed.

About 65 people voted on the first day of early voting, which may not sound like much, but actually that's more than usually show up to vote in an entire early voting period. There are about 1,700 registered voters in Wolfforth and the ones we talked to say they're excited about today's turnout.

"I think it's a great deal. I think it'll be a big benefit for Wolfforth with everything going on out here," said Wolfforth citizen Mike Holmes.

"I think it is a good thing, I think it'll be good for the economy of Wolfforth. I think it'll bring some businesses in and help us to grow," said Wolfforth citizen Lex Dooley.

And that's exactly why Steve Komarek, Chairman of Responsible Citizens for Economic Development started the petition.

"Economic development. That's what it boils down to, is economic development. Wolfforth is a little bit backwards from most cities because they derive most of their revenues from property taxes, we have not developed commercial properties out here to where we could develop a sales tax really," said Komarek.

Komarek believes alcohol sales will help bring a professional baseball team, restaurants ands hotels to Wolfforth. "We want to stress this very strongly that this local option has to do with quality restaurants only serving alcoholic beverages. And the law says in a percent not to increase 40% of their sales, so that means 60% volume in food. So what we're looking at here is quality sit down restaurants. We're not talking about bars or beer and liquor stores by any means," said Komarek.

Right now, the only restaurant affected would be Joann's Family Restaurant. They tell us they will apply for a liquor license if the option passes.

"I think it'll benefit Wolfforth, we're growing leaps and bounds and it's just going to get better," said Wolfforth citizen Letha Holmes.

We didn't find anyone voting against the option today, but it will need 51% support to pass.

Now Texas Tech has already agreed to play some games at the stadium, but alcohol will not be sold at Tech games or any other college ball games. Alcohol will only be sold at games for the professional league.

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