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Hoop Dreams About to Become Hoop Reality for 16 "Knight School" Cast Members

Hoop dreams are about to turn into hoop reality for 16 chosen Texas Tech students. Casting began Wednesday for Coach Bob Knight's reality show "Knight School."

During the show airing on ESPN, we'll see 16 cast members go through extensive training with Coach Knight. At the end one will get to walk on to the 2006-2007 Red Raider Basketball Team. NewsChannel 11 spoke with potential cast members all hoping to get a "shot" at playing for Coach Knight.

Zinn Brown played a guard in high school. Brian Dodd played a guard in high school, as did his friend Robert Smart. All three filled went to the casting call for the same reason; they want to play for the legendary Bob Knight.

"He's a legendary coach," said Smart. "He shows it not only in his success on the court, but his emphasis on education and graduating students is just-- he's the man," said Dodd. 

Brown came to Texas Tech because of Coach Knight. He's ready to face the challenge on the court and the challenging coach.

"He can be a little extreme at times, but that's good in a coach. He's very passionate about the game-- I guess that's what everybody likes about him, or doesn't like about him," said Brown.

Casting director, Paul Gordon says he's not looking for "characters" who just want to be on TV.

"I want to make this one of coach's hardest decisions he's ever had to make in his life, so to do that, I want to find 16 players that he would honestly put on his team," said Gordon.

The show has a pretty good chance of being successful. Gordon's resume includes five "The Apprentices," four "Survivors", four "Amazing Races", two "The Bachelors" and one "Real World/ Road Rules."

"People want to see the underdog win once in a while and this is a chance for the kid with the good heart," said Gordon.

It's also a chance for someone like Smart, who never got the chance to play college ball. "I'm a short guy, but I might as well try, right," he said.

Smart, Dodd and Brown all played competitively in high school, and now only one question remains-- do you still have it. "We'll see!" said Brown.

If you missed Wednesday's casting call, they'll have another one Sunday, August 28th, from 6pm to 8pm at the United Spirit Arena. The crew hopes to start filming next week.

"Knight School" is scheduled to air six one hour episodes in February on ESPN.

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