Lubbock students learning life lessons at hands-on gardening classes

Lubbock students learning life lessons at hands-on gardening classes
Source: KCBD Video

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Roscoe Wilson Elementary School and Christ the King Cathedral School brought in a hands on gardening experience for their kids to learn more about their food and how it's grown.

"It is the best hands on learning experience across all curriculum," Roscoe Wilson Elementary Teacher Rachel Mills said. "We can measure in math, we can write about it in writing, we can read books about how to best plant, and most important we can learn about science and how the world works."

These schools are taking the learning outside the classroom and teaching kids how to grow and harvest their own produce.

"The big idea is that it's actually easy in some ways to grow your own food," one of Christ the King Cathedral School's parent Jessica Tullar Caroom said, "and I think that's something that has been lost in our fast-paced culture."

The schools want to give children the chance to take seeds and watch them grow. All to get the ball rolling and get kids to eat more vegetables.

"A parent told me her son has told her he loves spinach so i told him he needs to put it in his taco." Jessica Tullar Caroom said, "so they're bringing that home and they're having that conversation with their parents."

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