Candidate profiles for Lubbock County Judge runoff, May 22

Candidate profiles for Lubbock County Judge runoff, May 22

LUBBOCK COUNTY, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock County hasn't had a new County Judge since 1999 but that will soon change. There are two candidates left in the GOP runoff vying to take leadership of the county after current County Judge Tom Head announced he would not be seeking re-election. Judge Head has held the seat since 1999.

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The following candidates are profiled in ballot order.

Gary Boren

Gary Boren is a Republican candidate running for the vacant Lubbock County Judge seat. He is running against Curtis Parrish for the position.

Boren was born and raised in Lubbock where he graduated from Monterey High School and Texas Tech University. He served as Vice President of G. Boren Services, Inc., a personnel, security and human resources consulting company. 

"We know what it is like to make a payroll; we know what it is like to employee people," Boren said in a February political forum hosted by KCBD.

His family sold the business in October of 2017.

Boren said he is a conservative candidate running for county judge because he is opposed to the raises county commissioners have given themselves over the years.

"I believe that is is absolutely wrong for county commissioners to keep raising their salaries three times in the last four years," Boren said. "I believe it is wrong and it has to be stopped, and I will do that."

Boren is also wanting to make changes when it comes to protecting homeownership.

"I believe property taxes are outrageously high. The appraisal process is broken and we have to fix it," he said.

Boren said he supports Sheriff Kelly Rowe and local law enforcement and believes they should be given every tool available to fight crime. If elected, Boren said one of his top priorities will also be to repair and maintain county roads.

Boren said taxpayers deserve the right to vote on public debut before Lubbock county goes further into debt on new multi-million dollar projects.

Boren is a former member of the Lubbock City Council and the Lubbock Independent School District.

Curtis Parrish

Curtis Parrish is one of two candidates in the GOP Primary vying to take leadership of the county after current County Judge Tom Head announced he would not be seeking re-election.

Parrish is a graduate of Texas Tech School of Law and is a practicing attorney. He says his law experience makes him the best candidate to carry out the judicial duties of the position. Specifically, he says he has the expertise in probate, guardianship and mental health cases. Putting an experienced attorney in the position, Parrish says, would be a change from leadership in the past.

Parrish served as a legislative aide to former Republican State Senator Robert Duncan. He says that experience will allow him to be a voice for the County at the State and Federal leadership levels.

While being a "shepherd of the county courts," Parrish has said, if elected to the position, he will work keep property taxes low, public safety departments funded and infrastructure maintained.

In regard to changes in the County's budget, Parrish has expressed no desire to touch the public safety funding and wants to make sure the Sheriff and jail have what funding is needed. He hopes to consolidate infrastructure projects and applauds the "pay as you go" approach to the Loop 88 project.

As for county roads, Parrish wants to focus on maintenance and address any problems in an open and transparent manner. He says the roads are vitally important to education, public safety and economic development.

Roads are one area he hopes to strengthen inter-local agreements with the City of Lubbock along with the Lubbock County Detention Center and emergency management.

Parrish hopes to continue the development and growth Lubbock County is making.

For 18 seasons Parrish has served as the public address announcer for Red Raider Football and other Red Raider sports. He was also a co-host of the "West Texas Today" radio show.

According to his campaign, he has served on boards of several organizations, including Civic Lubbock, Inc., Lubbock United Neighborhood Association, and the Salvation Army of Lubbock. He also worked to establish the Buddy Holly Museum and Buddy Holly Walk of Fame.

Parrish is married and has four children. His family attends Broadway Church of Christ.

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