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Groups Protest City's Proposal for Tax Decrease

Shortly after, councilmen Gary Boren, Jim Gilbreath, Mayor Marc McDougal, and Tom Martin voted for a 1.25 cent property tax decrease.

Councilman Floyd Price, councilwomen Phyllis Jones and Linda DeLeon voted to keep the tax rate where it is. The group who protested told the city council to keep their penny and use it to maintain a growing city.

"We urge you today (Thursday) to keep the current tax rate," said a member of the West Texas Organizing Strategy. "Keep my $12.50 so we can have plenty of street lights," said another member of the group.

Those members and the Lubbock Democratic chairwoman wants the city to keep the 1.25 cents. "When we tax ourselves as a society we create our society," said Johnnie Jones, Democratic chairwoman.

They believe the city could use the one million dollars on parks, "we need a community center or a meeting place for our children," said one woman.

Jones says if the city doesn't collect the money, then the city short changes itself.

Councilman Gary Boren says that isn't so. He says no department is suffering because of the tax decrease and that no service will be effected. He says if anything, the decrease will only benefit Lubbock and the tax payers in the long run. "We are creating a safe city, we are providing an appealing place for people to do business," said Boren.

The city council plans to finalize the rate decrease September 8th at council chambers.

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