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Botox Migraines

45 million Americans suffer from chronic headaches. That's according to the National Headache Foundation. On average, more than 157,000,000 workdays are lost to migraines each year. Martha Fritz is one of those people who lost a lot of work days because of her headaches. Until now, turns out the same thing that helps reduce wrinkles in the forehead appears to reduce headache pain as well. Martha enrolled in a clinical trial on Botox one of a few sites across the country. Some patients got Botox while others were injected with a saline solution. "Botulinum toxin actually changes the properties of the nerves, so they don't become as active and sensitive, and it cuts down migraines," says Stephen Silberstein M.D.

"I don't miss work as much. I don't miss my son's baseball games, so Botox has made a dramatic difference in my life," says Martha Fritz who gets Botox for headaches.

We could not find a Lubbock clinic that is giving Botox injections for migraine pain. Botox is approved by the FDA, but not for migraines yet, but in the studies so far, Dr. Silberstein says he is pleased to see that using Botox to treat headaches is showing no significant side effects. The only problem is, unlike other migraine treatments, Botox injections are not covered by insurance and cost about 300 dollars every 4 or 5 months.

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