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Work Out Vest

The newest fashion at the gym looks like a bullet proof vest instead, it has little pockets that hold bean bags. So, when you put it on, you can add 20 pounds.

"Most of the time with exercise you're trying to take weight off, but with the weighted vest you're putting weight on which requires you to burn more calories. Plus, if you're training for a sport like football, lacrosse or rugby, you can actually wear resistance and practice like running through tackles," says Pete McCall a trainer.

McCall is a state director with the national strength and conditioning association. He says wearing a vest like this has advantages over walking with hand held weights, which may trigger some lower back pain. The vest, on the other hand, brings the extra weight closer to the center of gravity so there's not a lot of force on the joints, but McCall says the vest is not recommended for anyone with pre-existing knee pain or any type of ankle injury. Those folks really need to talk to a doctor before they add any weights to their workout.

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