City of Wolfforth terminates contract with UMC ambulance service

City of Wolfforth terminates contract with UMC ambulance service
UMC EMS (Source: KCBD Video)

WOLFFORTH, TX (KCBD) - The City of Wolfforth is getting ready to acquire their own ambulance, after terminating their contract with UMC EMS.

The city of Wolfforth voted unanimously to give UMC 60 days notice of termination of its contract with the city after discussion in its March 5 meeting.

In a letter obtained by KCBD, the city cites changes in UMC's placement of the ambulance that serves the city of Wolfforth.

"We've got a lot to consider and take care of and with the growth of other places the way things are working," City Manager of Wolfforth Darrell Newsom said, "the ambulance were being staged in other locations and we felt like if we had our own ambulance system that we would be able to do a better job for the people we serve here locally."

The letter, dated March 6, referenced the council vote and said the contract was being canceled "because the Wolfforth ambulance is being consistently placed on call outside the Wolfforth city limits which results in longer response times to the citizens of Wolfforth…"

City Manager Darrell Newsome told KCBD the city plans to operate its own ambulance system. Mayor Charles Addington also serves as Wolfforth Fire Chief.

"It'll actually cost a little more, we are talking about the additional cost of the ambulance so we will have our own maintenance so its not a money saving," Newsom said, "our city council felt that this was the right thing to do even though its costing us a little bit more."

University Medical Center is Lubbock County's tax-supported hospital. Its budget and tax rate is approved each year by the Lubbock County Commissioners.

UMC Marketing Director Eric Finley said all cities are entitled to their own decisions, but if they chose to do that, it would have to return the EMS vehicle and equipment to UMC.

KCBD asked County Commissioner Pct 1 Bill McCay his reaction to a city in his district canceling the county ambulance service. McCay responded with this statement: "I have confidence in the leadership at the City of Wolfforth to provide the very best in public safety."

The city of Wolfforth is in west Lubbock County. It had a 2010 census population of 3,670. The city council estimates the population to be approximately 4,700 in 2018.

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