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New Camp for Kids with ADHD

 Like many kids, 11 year old joseph sweeney spent most of his summer at day camp.   But this camp is different - all of these kids have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.   
"Joseph is a very vibrant person. He's unfocused a lot of the time. But he has so much energy that he can't sleep at night," says Joseph's mom. 
"It's hard for them to follow rules. They do poorly in school because
it's hard for them to get their work done," says Dr. Howard Abikoff of the NYU Summer Program for Kids.  
But how does summer camp help?  Research shows that kids with ADHD respond to earning rewards for learning new skills.   So at camp they're awarded points and praise for appropriate behaviors, for reducing inappropriate ones, and improving in areas they're having trouble with. Those points earn rewards such as a place on a field trip or maybe a movie on campus.
Its run by the NYU Child Study Center and staffed by counselors who are psychology or education  students. The camp's point system also helps children ages 7 to 11 develop social skills, and improve their academic performance in the classroom.   

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