Hip Hop help for stroke victims

(KCBD) - What a great idea at Columbia University! Researchers there have come up with a hip hop song in a cartoon to teach kids how to recognize the signs of a stroke.

And they say it's working.

The kids in the study like the song so much that they're learning it and singing along. Best of all, they understand the symptoms of a stroke and know what to do if they see it in someone.

The hip hop song and dance ends with "Now if he don't sound right, he's doin' the stroke. If he sways when he walks, he's doin' the stroke, slurs when he talks, he's doin' the stroke. Call 9-1-1, cuz this ain't no joke."

Researchers say the study has been a big success in teaching kids important warning signs to watch for in their parents and grandparents.

Hopefully, this will save lives if a child recognizes a stroke and knows to call 9-1-1.

It's a free program if you'd like to use it in your school.

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