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HealthWise at 5 From 8.29

  • Aging

Researchers say they may have a found a key to the fountain of youth. A new study at UT Southwestern found a specific gene extended the life span of mice by 20% to 30%. The gene acts as a hormone making animals resistant to insulin,which past studies have shown can lead to longer life. However, there are risks involved, including a higher risk of diabetes. More studies need to be done, but researchers hope this finding will lead to anti-aging therapies for people.

  • Large Babies

Being chunky as a baby may mean being thin as an adult. A new study shows babies who had a high birth weight were more likely to be lean as adults than those babies who were underweight at birth. However, the weight shouldn't stay on for long. The study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition followed more than 2,500 newborns for more than 20 years, and researchers decided that rather than the weight of a child at birth weight gain in late childhood and adolescence is a stronger factor that may lead to obesity in adulthood.

  • Teeth and Weight

Speaking of weight, that could also affect your teeth. A study at Case Western Reserve University finds that keeping those pearly whites in good condition takes more than regular brushing and flossing. Researchers looked at 12,000 people in this study, and found that people who exercised, had healthy eating habits and maintained a normal weight were 40% less likely to develop Periodontitis. That's a gum infection that could eventually mean losing teeth, along with a greater risk of heart disease, diabetes and pre-term labor.

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