Justin Gray supporting #TeamAvery, #TeamAmelia in Sweet 16 Game

Justin Gray supporting #TeamAvery, #TeamAmelia in Sweet 16 Game
Photo of Avery and Amelia provided by Olivas Family

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - While the Red Raiders play in the Sweet 16 Game Friday night, you might spot something on Justin Gray's shoes. Gray will write #TeamAvery and #TeamAmelia on his shoes to support two local children who are fighting cancer.

"What happened to our family, it doesn't really happen to a lot," Kobiee Olivas said. "Our one cousin was diagnosed and then a month later Amelia was diagnosed, I mean this doesn't happen a lot."

Kobiee is the cousin of Amelia and Avery. Both were diagnosed with cancer just one month a part. She told KCBD its been a really hard month for her and her family so she decided to shed a light on this dark time.

Kobiee contacted player number 5 on the Red Raiders basketball team, Justin Gray, and asked him if he could support his cousins during the game by writing #TeamAvery and #TeamAmelia on his shoes during tonight's big game. Gray responded within minutes, and to the Olivas family's surprise, he said yes.

Tune in to tonight's game to see Gray's shoes in support of the Olivas family. To show your support, click here for their GOFUNDME and click here to support the family buy buying shirts they made to raise money for Amelia and Avery.

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