Approximately 25,000 attend prayer gathering at Jones AT&T Stadium

Approximately 25,000 attend prayer gathering at Jones AT&T Stadium
Pray Jones 2018 (Source: Lubbock County Treasurer Chris Winn)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - On Sunday, March 25, Palm Sunday 2018, Jones Stadium served as the venue for Pray Jones Stadium 2018– a prayer gathering of hundreds of businesses, organizations and churches "unified in the belief that the sincere, heartfelt prayer of a people who call on the Name of Jesus can change lives, cities and nations."

It was expected to be the biggest prayer gathering in Lubbock since Billy Graham packed the Jones AT&T Stadium more than 40 years ago in 1975, bringing together about 30,000 people. Now, Pray Jones at Jones AT&T Stadium hoped to fill the stadium again with an even bigger turnout of 50,000 people.

Officials with the event say about 25,000 people were in attendance at the event, and more than 42,000 people watched it online.

This idea has been in the works for over a decade with Pastor Chris Gallanos of Experience Life Church and other organizations like Pray Lubbock.

"About 10 years ago, I had sensed that the Lord had put it on my heart to gather the churches in this town come together at Jones Stadium for a big prayer gathering," Gallanos said. "But I wasn't the first. Even before that, an organization in town called Pray Lubbock had talked about a time coming together at Jones."

When asked if there will be another Pray Jones event, Directional Leader Paige Allen said:

"A lot of people have asked us that question and we just kind of say 'I don't know. Let's see how this goes.' Our hope is that this - it's not just about the event but it would be a catalyst for the future of churches realizing we can work together really for the Lord and do something spiritually across West Texas."

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