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Lubbock Drivers Wait in Long Lines to Beat Gas Price Increase

Gas is expected to increase to $3 per gallon on Tuesday but some stations are already out of gas. Hurricane Katrina shut down more than 600,000 barrels of daily oil production Monday and forced the evacuation of more than 700 offshore rigs. Oil prices nationwide spike immediately, setting the stage for huge increases at the gas pump.

Late Monday afternoon, hundreds of Lubbock drivers started lining up at stations around town to fill up before the prices increase. We saw a twenty cent increase Monday evening raising the price to $2.74 at some stations.

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But the price doesn't matter for some stations. They've already ran out of gas. The only thing left is dispel. That's because Lubbock drivers lined up for gas creating a high demand.

Monday morning, Lubbock drivers were in a bad, worse or the worst position when it came to getting gas. Frances Hockaday is dead last in a line of nearly twenty cars waiting to get gas at Sam's Club. She's been waiting for ten minutes. Meanwhile, at the front of the line, Marci Dodd has been waiting 30 minutes.

Drivers rushed to fill up when they heard gas prices were expected to hit nearly $3 a gallon by Tuesday. When this line formed, the price was $2.50 and $2.45 for Sam's Club members like Trent Lowe who filled up two suvs before prices go up again. Lowe says, "I had one vehicle earlier and this is my wife's car so I came back and got in line again. I've been here about an hour now."

Lubbock police were finally called to block one entrance to Sam's. That's because the line to get gas was so long that all of these cars you see here were lined up right where I'm standing blocking traffic along the access road.

Gas station attendants doubled as traffic directors telling drivers when to move and where to go in this mini-traffic jam. Drivers say the wait is worth the savings but some say they may be forced to change their driving habits. Hockaday says, "My husband carpools to Amarillo, so we're going to have to see what goes on there."

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