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Lubbock Grand Jury Needs More Time Before Making Decision In Mallory Death Case

Sixteen year-old Thomas Mallory died of an Ecstasy overdose in June. Tuesday, a Lubbock grand jury decided they need to hear more evidence to determine if the District Attorney's office should pursue criminal charges. However, D.A. Bill Sowder says no suspects have been named in the death investigation that was presented the grand jury.

Sowder says he will send out subpoenas, but would not comment about who will receive the subpoenas.

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed by Family of Thomas Mallory
See the entire 15 page lawsuit document filed by the family of Thomas Mallory. (You will need Acrobat to open this document.)

Day one of the hearing, the grand jury heard testimony from Lubbock police investigators who conducted the death investigation. An official at the D.A.'s office told NewsChannel 11 that no eyewitnesses testified.

"What goes on in the grand jury is secret and I really would not want to comment on what they did hear, what they didn't hear, what they want to hear. I'm not going to be much help to you except to tell you they want to hear some additional information," said Bill Sowder, Lubbock District Attorney.

The same grand jury will listen to further testimony next week, and it could be as early as next Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Thomas Mallory's family is continuing with the civil suit against a Lubbock doctor and eight teenagers. The families of three of those teenagers have claimed they will fight to prove their innocence.

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