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A Possible Solution For Those Who Fear The Dentist's Needle

For people who have a fear of needles going to the dentist is a dreaded experience.  Now there may be a solution for the needle phobic...a pain-free injection. 

The unpleasant drone of the drill. But when there's dental work to be done patients usually dread this more.

"The painful injections. When they come to the dentist most people are afraid of the injections," says Dr. Elaine Klein, dentist.

so Doctor Elaine Klein has replaced the traditional syringe with compudent.

"It's a computer monitored local anesthetic delivery system. And what it does, it delivers the anesthetic so slowly that patients hardly feel anything," says Dr. Klein.

Compudent uses a wand not a syringe, but it's not needle free. So why doesn't it hurt?

"Most people feel that it's the needle that causes the pain, but it really isn't the needle its how fast the anesthetic is given. When the anesthetic is given very quickly it causes a burning sensation in the tissue...that's what causes the pain," adds Dr. Klein. 

Antonio Prohias, a patient, is getting a filling. Dr. Klein numbed the area using compudent. How did this compare to the traditional needle?

"This procedure definitely makes it much better (tell us how.) well there's really no pain whatsoever you don't even feel a pinch at all," says Antonio Prohias.

"It doesn't look like a syringe it looks like a wand...like from harry potter. So patients don't even realize, they often ask me...did you give me a needle?," says Klein.

Not only is the needle more painful for the patient but it's also more dangerous for the dentist. Using the wand instead reduces the risk of accidental needle sticks.

"When you take the cap off the needle you're allowed to place the cap back on to the machine and then when you need to recap the needle you basically are doing to hands free. So it is safer for the dentist as well," says Dr. Klein.

Dr. Klein is hoping devices like these will help relieve some of the fear of going to the dentist.



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