Abner's surgeon explains diverticulitis

Abner's surgeon talks about diverticulitis

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - As we told you earlier, Abner has been out for about six weeks struggling with a painful condition called diverticulitis.

His surgeon, Dr. Amir Ayaie, says most patients can be treated with antibiotics. However, Abner's case was complicated and after trying antibiotics for a month, his pain was still intense.

Pain is the most common symptom, especially after age 40.  Dr. Ayaie says "Those are the typical symptoms we see, lower abdominal pain, fevers and nausea sometimes."

Dr. Ayaie adds the pain is triggered by little pouches that pop up along the wall of the colon, which are then irritated by certain foods. He explains, "When you have these out pouchings of the colon, known as  diverticulosis, there are seeds, nuts that are hard to digest and they get stuck in that outpouching and get inflamed."

Popcorn is one of those foods that gets stuck, which is why Abner hasn't eaten popcorn for years.

Even so, when medication didn't work for him this time, Dr. Ayaie was able to go in and cut out the bad section of the colon, literally removing Abner's diverticulitis.

He describes the procedure like this, "We go in laparoscopically, which means small incisions and camera and instruments that we use make recovery much faster. We go after the area that's infected, remove that area and reconnect the colon."

So, I asked him, "So right now, he is virtually cured?"

What a wonderful response.

He said, "Absolutely."

So, successful surgery means that Abner can return to a normal life and soon, he'll be able to eat whatever he wants... even popcorn.

Although, Dr. Ayaie adds that a high fiber diet is the best way for any of us to help prevent diverticulitis in the first place.

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