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Local Mom Looking To Make Contact With Daughter In Flood Zone

The search for loved ones in Louisiana is hitting home in Lubbock. With no power, no phone service and no published lists of the missing or dead yet, that search can seem hopeless.

Felisha Little, hasn't been able to reach her 13-year-old daughter since the hurricane hit. Her oldest child, Chelsie, lives with relatives in St Bernard Parish, just outside of New Orleans which is completely underwater.

"The Governor said their parish is completely gone, completely under water and they said that two levees broke yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon, then two more broke and they said if the pumps quit working it could be up to 20 feet of water. And I am just worried about where they are going to go if they got out," says Felisha Little.

Felisha Little has been trying to reach her daughter for the last few weeks, but never made contact, and now, she has no idea how to find her.

"We have tried, until about 11 last night on the SalvationArmyUSA.com and tried to submit a missing persons report and it's not even going thru because there are so many people trying to get on at once that it is just kicking it right back. And my mom has tried all morning and last night as well, and we've called the Red Cross and the Salvation Army local to try to get 1-800 numbers for survivors or a list of people that may have survived or if they've found anybody", Little said.

For now Felisha and her family depend on the news and the Internet for the latest information... while they wait and pray that the phone will ring.

"Its really heartbreaking that something like this can happen so fast and devastate so many people, leaving them homeless with no where to go, they have nothing. I feel completely helpless, like there is nothing I can do", Little said.

There are numerous websites to help people find their loved ones, but so many people are trying to use these outlets that getting through is virtually impossible at this time.

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